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It has been my deep privilege and joy over the last few years, to write liturgy for worship. Some of these writings have aided typical Sunday morning services, while others were written for mornings in woods, on a youth presbytery retreat. 

A sampling of these prayers, petitions and reflections can be found below.  


"I Will Sing"

Spoken Word, Sanctified Art Advent 2016

"And when the world seems to be falling apart, and daylight seems to be getting dark, because justice is so overdue that it hurt, and we march through the streets, but can't feel it work, I hear Mary say, "You life up the lowly," and "God, you alone, fill the hungry." And I know that this hurt is not what God planned, so I join her in prayer, and I sing it again." 



"When the Spirit Moves"

Reflections from the NEXT Conference 2016.

"Sometimes new life lands in your lap like a summer thunderstorm- strong, sudden, and powerful. Other times, new life shows up like a melody, or a sleepy cat- waking up, stretching its bones, and assuming its position back in the sun, back in your memory. 

For me, the NEXT Church National Gathering this past February felt like that. All of that."

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"Coming Home" 

A blog post from A Sanctified Art.

"We planned advent resources, and I watched my peers make some truly stunning art. However, I still believe that the best thing we did that weekend was stand at the table with our broken egos on our sleeve, and invite the mess in. For in that moment, God was there."